1944 Letter from Monk Watson

In a November 1944 edition appears a letter from Monk Watson: “Dear Frank (Damon); Several ladies have asked me if I would inquire, while entertaining in the hospitals, as to what the boys need for Christmas. It seems that in the past some of our good people have spent a lot of time making pretty things such as robes, slippers, socks and numerous other things that were returned to the ladies with a note saying “These things are not needed.” It seems the government is very fussy about a lot of things, and in the hospitals the uniform is carried out even to the robes, slippers and socks. Last night while at the Station Hospital in Fort Custer, I asked the director of the Red Cross, Walter Stubbs, just what the fellows would like and could have. He told me that the two things they needed most are CHRISTMAS CARDS to send to their loved ones, and playing cards for their own entertainment. It seems they cannot get Christmas Cards on the post for resale to the boys. My suggestion is that each person in Colon, who can afford it, to buy at least one Christmas card and leave it at the Express office, and if you have any used decks of playing cards leave them also, and I will see that they reach the right party, or they can be sent directly to Fort Custer. Last night I was complimented by having 75 boys walk through the rain from their quarters to the hall to see my show and I’m happy to report they seemed to enjoy it.  Monk Watson”