Abbott’s 10th Get Together by Mel Melson

Abbott’s Tenth Get-Together


TOPS Magazine, July 1943, by Mel Melson: “To tell the truth, this is a story I did not think I would be writing this year, but so many fellows wrote in saying they were planning their vacations for the Labor Day week end and were expecting to come to Colon and a host of others urged us on, so we are making plans for Abbott’s Tenth Annual Magic Get-Together in Colon on Sept. 9th, 10th and


As a matter of fact, we had a flock of reservations for rooms and seats before it was definitely decided and before we even had any kind of a show lined up, and they are still coming in. Most of the fellows are playing smart and reserving seats early, remembering the mad scramble at the last moment other years. As in the past two years, all seats at the Opera House are reserved, and all reservations for seats must be accompanied by covering check — 50 cents a night for Magicians, and for others, 75 cents for adults and 25 cents for children.

The public shows this year will be well worth while as the following line-up of talent will suggest: Don Sweet, Bill Williston, Harlan Tarbell, Tom Osborne, Judge Carter, Jack Herbert, Ruth Oakes, Lester Lake, Karrel Fox, Harry Cecil, Chuck Kirkland, Al Minder, and Pingalli and Pinella.

In addition, an unusually fine program is being arranged for the Victory “Night Before party, which this year will be longer in order to include sixty minutes of patriotic presentations, for the best of which a War Bond is to be awarded. Other War Bonds will be given lucky ones at the public shows. The usual al fresco Magicians’ show will be held on Saturday afternoon.

As a special feature of the gathering this year, Dr. Harlan Tarbell will conduct his No. 2 Magic Course, which will be available for a stipulated fee to all Magicians attending the affair. Tarbell also will appear on the public shows both nights, presenting acts of Magic. And of course there will be the usual feast of Magic aside from the various shows, for demonstrations will be carried on at the

Abbott plant throughout the affair, at all times when other activities are not in progress. And it looks as though getting to Colon will be less difficult this year, for while repairs are being made to Route 112, Greyhound busses on the Chicago-Detroit route are rolling through the town. Colon is not a regular stop, but passengers from the West may buy a ticket to Bronson and the bus will stop to discharge them at the Magic City — those from the West buying tickets to Sturgis for the same accommodations.”