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Henry Hulbert Obituary 1901

Sudden Death For Henry Hulbert   From the Colon Express, November 1901: “Veteran Solicitor for the L. K. G. Company was stricken Sunday with Heart Disease. Suddenly, without warning, Henry Hulbert the popular L. K. G. salesman, entered his last … Continue reading

Monk Watson Remembered by Dan Waldron 2008

”Monk” Watson Remembered   From Magicol magazine, May, 2008, by Dan Waldron: “Donald “Monk” Watson was a perennial at Abbott’s Magic Get-Togethers. He lived in Colon, and ads for new Abbott products often bore his endorsement: “I’ll take one!” says … Continue reading

Michigan’s Magic Brain Trust by Gabe Fajuri

Michigan’s Magic Brain Trust From Magicol magazine, May 2008, by Gabe Fajuri: “The opening pages of Abbott’s Catalog # 6 are filled with photos. Images of the Abbott plant, where devices of deception were cranked out in assembly-line style, crowd … Continue reading

Abbott’s Get-Together 1980

Abbott’s Get-Together   August 13 – 16, 1980 – Colon, Michigan; A Report By Bill and Irene Larsen. From Genii Magazine, October 1980: “ summary – “Get-Together” is defined as an informal social gathering. This certainly describes the Abbott affair … Continue reading

Colon Train Wreck 1930

     WORST WRECK IN YEARS; FORTY CARS IN CRASH ON      AIR LINE HERE     From the Colon Express, May 8, 1930; Frank Damon, Publisher, Editor:” What is said to be the worst freight train wreck in the history … Continue reading

1942 Get=together by Monk Watson

The 1942 Get-Together     From TOPS Magazine, November 1942, by Monk Watson: “This is one month I’m more than happy to be able to give out in my column. First of all, before I go any further I want … Continue reading

A Tribute to Alice Grimes

A Tribute to Miss Grimes   The 1968 colon High School Alumni Association Tribute To Miss Alice Grimes   by Abraham Jaffe   Alice is a graduate of Colon high school, and after giving 51 years of your good life to … Continue reading

Wattles Find Bones to Pick

They Found some bones to pick   Discovery of mastodon remains prompts research by farm family   By VIRGINIA GUST COLON – If there is one thing that can draw a family together with a single purpose, it’s a bunch … Continue reading

Donald “Monk” Watson 1919

Donald “Monk” Watson “Cheer-Up” Boy of 32nd May Enter the Movies From the Jackson, Michigan Citizen Patriot, circa 1919. Jackson Soldier, Back From Overseas, Praised by Army Officials As An Entertainer; Was a “Gloom Lifter” Among the Soldiers. When a … Continue reading

Hugh Frisbie on Monk Watson

     My Time With Monk Watson!   By Hugh Frisbie: ”Like most boys in Colon, Michigan after WWII we biked, fished, swam, played baseball and watched or sold popcorn at magic shows. But mostly knew “Monk” as the magician that … Continue reading