Bernard Pooler Obituary


Obituary from 1963, (Exact date unknown): Bernard E. Pooler – Death struck suddenly, to claim the life of Bernard Pooler, age 59, one of Colon’s most prominent citizens. Mr. Pooler was formerly the editor and publisher of The Colon Express and many magicians will remember the excellent coverage he gave the Abbott Magic Get-Togethers each year. He sold the newspaper last year to Mr. and Mrs. Mel Plath, and went into semi-retirement. Since October 1962 he was employed by Abbott Magic Co. as our Linotype operator, setting up the TOPS magazine. He had a keen interest in magic and liked magicians. His comments while setting the columns each month, were most interesting and it didn’t take him long to pick up the magicians’ lingo” ‘gimmick’, ‘fekes’, ‘servants’, etc. We miss his winning smile and courteous manner.”