Blackstone Jr at Sea World

BLACKSTONE, JR.’S MAGIC a feature this summer at “Sea World of Ohio”

July 1976, newspaper clipping, source unknown, by Richard Hughes: “Harry Blackstone Jr., recently paid a visit to Northeastern Ohio to train the personal at Sea World of Ohio how to use the illusions he has rented to the marine amusement park for the summer. In a $250,000 production, three illusions are integrated into the super hero theme of the ski show. The Torture Spike Illusion, Twin Sawing a Woman in Two, and the uncanny Jarret House Illusion, are all performed by the park’s skiers in between various skiing acrobatics.

Harry was accompanied by his wife, Gay, and son, Harry Blackstone, II. While Harry directs the technical aspects of the illusions, Gay coaches the skiers in stage movement, acting and carriage. They spent the entire first week of May helping the skiers become familiar withy the fine points of presenting each illusion.

The Jarret House Illusion is well worth the trip to see the show. This illusions principle has not been seen in this country in over twenty years. The Jarret books themselves have long been off the market. The complete vanish of a girl from a three foot cube set up on a foot high stage built over a sandy beech in less than seven seconds has go to impress a lot of people. It certainly did impress me. Attempts to describe it can only do an injustice to it. This is one of the very best illusions I have ever seen.

While in the Ohio area, Harry got a chance to talk with Mrs. Horace (Marie) Marshall. Marie and her late husband, Horace, became well know for their fine feather products after building the Great Blackstone’s opening act, the Enchanted Garden. Harry Jr. has recently recreated this great act of his father’s. Since Mrs. Marshall has continued to operate the business since Horace’s death, Blackstone Jr. inquired about some effects once made by the Marshall’s for his father’s act that he has been unable to duplicate. It seems the Marshall flowers might be starting business with the second generation of Blackstones.”