Blackstone Sells Property

Blackstone Sell Colon Property



From The Colon Express, January 25, 1951: “Harry Blackstone, the noted magician who has had much to do in publicizing Colon, has sold his home and property here to Mrs. Alma M. Anderson of Chicago.

Blackstone first came to Colon 28 years ago, buying what has been known for many years as the island property, located on the east shore of Sturgeon lake, the St. Joseph river flowing along the north border of the property and a creek winds around the east and south line of the tract of land. Since he purchased the property it has been known as Blackstone’s Island.

Mr. and Mrs. Blackstone were here over the week end, closing the transaction Monday, they giving immediate possession. Mr. and Mrs. Blackstone will make their home in Hollywood, Calif. Blackstone is negotiating a contract to do magic by television.

Blackstone’s brother, Pete Bouton, who have a home next to the former Blackstone property, will continue to make Colon their home. At present they are in Detroit.

Blackstone said he liked Colon and its people but being afflicted with asthma deemed it best for his health to go to a warmer climate. He said that Mrs. Anderson plans to develop the island as a summer resort.

The sale of the Blackstone estate was made through Realtor Claude Snook of Nottawa.