Grant Farrand Diary Notes

     By Mrs. W. H. Judd        March 7, 1949,Sturgis Journal: ”A peek into the personal diary of Grant      Farrand of Colon reveals many interesting events that otherwise have      been long forgotten – or perhaps never known. … Continue reading

William Broker

William Broker, St. COLON – William Broker St., 86, 135 S. St. Joseph St.., Colon,  died November 14, 1966, at the home of his son, William F. Broker , with whom he had made his home for the last three … Continue reading

Robert Lamar Bryan

Sergeant E5 Robert Lamarr Bryan was born on October 18, 1949 to Riley and Vera Arlene Bryan. He had two older brothers Larry and Roger, an older sister Ginger and a twin sister Rebecca. When Robert was four weeks old, … Continue reading

Betty Lowther Weds Kieth Drake 1949

Betty Lowther and Keith Drake Married The Colon Express, August 11, 1949: “Miss Betty Lowther, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Lowther of Leonidas, and Keith Drake, son of Mrs. Viola Harding of Colon, were united in marriage Saturday, Aug. … Continue reading

Potawatomi Powwow Peace

Potawatomi Powwow Peace From the 1870 County Gazetteer: When “whites” first settled along the St. Joseph River in the Michigan Territory in the 1830’s, the Nottawa tribe of the Potawatomis was settled on the prairie a few miles west of … Continue reading

Midlakes Owner Dorothy Cook Obituary

  Dorothy A. Cook   Obituary for Dorothy A. Cook, (from the February issue of TOPS Magazine). “Mrs. Dorothy A. Cook, 74, of Colon, died January 17, 1991, in Borgess Medical Center, Kalamazoo, MI. She was born November 30, 1916 … Continue reading

Abbott’s Get-Together 1967, Clarke Crandall

     Get-together in Colon!     From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, December 1967; by Clarke Crandall: ”There were several highlights to my August Colon visit. A short pause at Neil and Jeanne Foster’s homestead was most enjoyable. I would have liked … Continue reading

Duke Stern by “A Magic Nut”     Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Duke Stern (1913 – 1973). I never had the pleasure of meeting Duke … Continue reading

Neil Foster by Dorny

Neil Foster by “Dorny”     Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Neil Foster (1921 – 1988). Dorny writes about Neil in his Entre Nous Column in … Continue reading

Leslie Hartman by Monk Watson

     Leslie “Peeny” Hartman!   Newspaper clipping from March 17, 1965: “Dear Monk; Speaking of entertainers of yesterday, I wish you would put in a word for “Peeny” (not sure of the spelling) Hartman. I believe his name is Leslie. … Continue reading