Brother Good by Monk Watson

Brother Good


From TOPS Magazine, July 1962, by Monk Watson: ”I was just told of the passing of Mr. Good, of the Abbott Company. If ever a man lived up to a name, it was Mr. Good. If I were to write about “My Most Unforgettable Character” it would be about Mr. Good. To me he had a rather special name, “Brother Good” every morning when I’d walk back to his department with a “Good Morning Brother Good!” and he come back with a cheerful, “Good Morning Brother Watson”. It was like a lift and a good start (pardon the pun) for any kind of day.

Mr. Good had many talents. He could do anything. I once asked him how he could do so many things so well, and he said, “Things were made by man, so why can’t I fix them?” Mr. Good had a fine voice and as Choir Director he’ll be missed in our church. Christmas time found him making a very special candy to be passed out to his friends. The candy was made from his own formula; I’m sure with a taste that you’d never forget. Hand him a piece of furniture to be repaired, with any kind of fancy upholstering, and he’d make it look like new. It was a by-word around our home, “Mr. Good can fix it.” Awnings for our lawn swing, my golf cap that had been thrown away, fixed like new. When I tried to lay a stair carpet a call to Brother Good brought him on the job to advise me as to how to do it.

Men of Magic will remember him for his handy work in making some of the tricks, from small rubber things to big fine leatherwork. Mr. Good walked with a limp, but few ever saw it, because when you saw his happy smile you never saw below his neckline … I’m glad that I knew Mr. Good. I’ll thank him for putting me right when a lot of things looked pretty rough at times. Rest well, Brother Good.”

Monk Watson