Grant Farrand Diary Notes

     By Mrs. W. H. Judd        March 7, 1949,Sturgis Journal: ”A peek into the personal diary of Grant      Farrand of Colon reveals many interesting events that otherwise have      been long forgotten – or perhaps never known. … Continue reading

Potawatomi Powwow Peace

Potawatomi Powwow Peace From the 1870 County Gazetteer: When “whites” first settled along the St. Joseph River in the Michigan Territory in the 1830’s, the Nottawa tribe of the Potawatomis was settled on the prairie a few miles west of … Continue reading

Midlakes Owner Dorothy Cook Obituary

  Dorothy A. Cook   Obituary for Dorothy A. Cook, (from the February issue of TOPS Magazine). “Mrs. Dorothy A. Cook, 74, of Colon, died January 17, 1991, in Borgess Medical Center, Kalamazoo, MI. She was born November 30, 1916 … Continue reading

The Magic Carpet Bar 1963

      Memories of Colon!   In an interesting note I found in the Abbott Magic TOPS magazine; Karrell Fox made this comment in August of 1963: “When lunch time came Neil (Foster) and Recil (Bordner) took me to Colon’s newest … Continue reading

Recil Bordner on Magic Capital of the World

From TOPS Magazine, January 1961, by Recil Bordner: “I am assuming that everyone knows how Lester Lake came to give Colon the title of THE MAGIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, and how I came to buy half interest in this … Continue reading

Colon Businesses, 1932

Historical Society Notes on 1932   Among the contents of the Colon Express building was a list of businesses in 1932. Determining the locations has not been so easy. “Ethan J. Adams, Lakeview Creamery, Phone 212 (located at the corner … Continue reading

Colon Train Wreck 1930

     WORST WRECK IN YEARS; FORTY CARS IN CRASH ON      AIR LINE HERE     From the Colon Express, May 8, 1930; Frank Damon, Publisher, Editor:” What is said to be the worst freight train wreck in the history … Continue reading

Wattles Find Bones to Pick

They Found some bones to pick   Discovery of mastodon remains prompts research by farm family   By VIRGINIA GUST COLON – If there is one thing that can draw a family together with a single purpose, it’s a bunch … Continue reading

Opera House Remembered, Alberta Hacker-Frost

Memorable Moments       From the Sturgis Journal, 2006, by Terry Katz: “COLON – Alberta Hacker-Frost was 16 when she stepped inside Hill’s Opera House in Colon for the first time. That was in the spring of 1934. Now, … Continue reading

The Opera House That Colon Forgot

  The Opera House That Colon Forgot     From The Colon Express newspaper, July 13, 1950: “Surely this is a building of which all citizens of Colon may well be proud.” These words were penned 52 years ago by … Continue reading