The Tavern, Old and New, Monk Watson

The Tavern, Old and New   From the Colon Express newspaper, June 26, 1968, by Monk Watson: “The swinging doors are long gone, as is the sawdust on the floor. Yes, only a very few of us will remember the … Continue reading

School Daze From 1917 to 1976

School Daze From 1917 to 1976   By Monk Watson in the Colon Express newspaper, 1976: “The year was 1917 and the 32nd Division of Michigan and Wisconsin was training for overseas duty as a combat division. I found myself … Continue reading

Abbott Employees Stage Show 1940

ABBOTT EMPLOYEES STAGE GREAT SHOW   From the Colon Express newspaper, November 14, 1940: “When more than two hundred men, women and children gathered at the Abbott Magic Theatre last Saturday night, they came to enjoy the first of a … Continue reading

E. Hill & Sons’ Bank 89th Year

E. Hill & Sons’ Bank Now Serving 89th Year   From the Colon Express, November 12, 1940: “E. Hill & sons’ Bank in Colon is in its 89th year of unrestricted banking. The firm of E. Hill & Son was … Continue reading

Minstrel Show Change 1940

LIONS CLUB MINSTREL SHOW CHANGED TO TUESDAY   From the Colon Express newspaper, October 31, 1940: “The date of the Lions Club Minstrel Show has been changed from Friday night, November 8, to Tuesday night, November 5th.  This change was … Continue reading

Lamore’s and Watson in Lions Minstrel 1940

THE LAMORE’S AND MONK WATSON ASSIST IN LIONS MINSTREL   From the Colon Express newspaper, October 24, 1940: “The script is written, the rehearsals are under way, and the Lions Club Minstrel, to be presented at Hill’s Opera House on … Continue reading

Street Paving Project 1938

STREET PAVING PROJECT SHOULD BE APPROVED   From the Colon Express newspaper, August 25, 1938: “The street Black-top paving project which the village council has out is very commendable and when presented to the people for a decision at the … Continue reading

New School Addition 1937

DEDICATE NEW SCHOOL ADDITION SUNDAY   From the Colon Express, February 7, 1937: “Next Sunday afternoon, February 7th at 3:00 o’clock, the new Colon School building addition will be open for inspection. Everyone interested in the Colon School is invited … Continue reading

Colon Air Minded 1932

Capers the Chopper     From the Colon Express, August 4, 1932: “The people of Colon, tuning in their radios last Monday from 4:00 to 4:30 p.m. over station WKZO, Kalamazoo, were entertained by a program rendered by the Mid-Lakes … Continue reading

Wattles Home Burns 1930

WATTLES RESIDENCE IS TOTALLY DESTROYED BY FIRE SUNDAY MORNING   From the Colon Express, February 10, 1930: “Property for Several  Blocks Carefully Guarded; Neighboring Fire Departments Hold Blaze in Check Colon’s population is recovering from a scare which it will … Continue reading