I Remember Colon 1912, Dale Baad

     I Remember Colon in 1912   From The Colon Express, April 15, 1981; by Dale Baad: “I remember the first automobiles were equipped with acetylene gas lights. Boys and girls sold corncobs for 5¢ a bag that were used … Continue reading

Magic Capital of the World, Patrick West

The Magic Capital of the World Written by Patrick West (A thesis for graduate history at Central Michigan University, 1976) Foreword In the study of history, one of the most interesting questions to investigate is, “How did it happen?” In … Continue reading

Mastodon Bones in Colon Area

    They Found some bones to pick   Discovery of mastodon remains prompts research by farm family   By VIRGINIA GUST COLON – If there is one thing that can draw a family together with a single purpose, it’s … Continue reading

The Life of Lorancie Schellhous

 LORANCIE SCHELLHOUS Written by him in March, 1873 Harrison Edward Schellhous (1885-1969), grandson of Lorancie’s younger brother Cyrus, transcribed the original manuscript. In a correspondence (circa 1963-1965) to the Niendorf family, Harrison Edward Schellhous describes a 24 page manuscript that … Continue reading