Duke Stern by “A Magic Nut”     Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Duke Stern (1913 – 1973). I never had the pleasure of meeting Duke … Continue reading

Neil Foster by Dorny

Neil Foster by “Dorny”     Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Neil Foster (1921 – 1988). Dorny writes about Neil in his Entre Nous Column in … Continue reading

Abbott’s Get-Together 1964 by Monk Watson

    The 1964 Abbott’s Get Together     From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, October 1964; by Monk Watson: ”The big show is over, or was it the big shows … really I’m not back to normal yet, but I hope to … Continue reading

Jack Gwynne’s Magic Carpet; 1963

     Jack Gwynne’s Magic Carpet!   From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, October 1963: (Editor’s note: This story took place in Calcutta, India during World War II. Jack Gwynne, a prominent member of the U.S.O., was flying around the world on his … Continue reading

Cover Portrait Of Jack Gwynne   From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, August 1961; by Robert Parrish: ”The best general magic act in the last decades of American vaudeville was that of Jack Gwynne and Company. Other top magic acts of the … Continue reading

Recil Bordner on Magic Capital of the World

From TOPS Magazine, January 1961, by Recil Bordner: “I am assuming that everyone knows how Lester Lake came to give Colon the title of THE MAGIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, and how I came to buy half interest in this … Continue reading

Inez Blackstone & Marquis Troupe 1930

Inez Blackstone Will Pilot Marquis Troupe   From The Colon Express Newspaper, September 11, 1930, courtesy of the Colon Community Historical Society: “Marquis, the Magician, will commence his new season the second week in September, with the opening spot not … Continue reading

Monk Watson Remembered by Dan Waldron 2008

”Monk” Watson Remembered   From Magicol magazine, May, 2008, by Dan Waldron: “Donald “Monk” Watson was a perennial at Abbott’s Magic Get-Togethers. He lived in Colon, and ads for new Abbott products often bore his endorsement: “I’ll take one!” says … Continue reading

Donald “Monk” Watson 1919

Donald “Monk” Watson “Cheer-Up” Boy of 32nd May Enter the Movies From the Jackson, Michigan Citizen Patriot, circa 1919. Jackson Soldier, Back From Overseas, Praised by Army Officials As An Entertainer; Was a “Gloom Lifter” Among the Soldiers. When a … Continue reading

Hugh Frisbie on Monk Watson

     My Time With Monk Watson!   By Hugh Frisbie: ”Like most boys in Colon, Michigan after WWII we biked, fished, swam, played baseball and watched or sold popcorn at magic shows. But mostly knew “Monk” as the magician that … Continue reading