A Drum Under the Bed

     A Drum Under The Bed     From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, December 1967; by Monk Watson: ”So I’m a cornball … and I hope I stay that way as long as I live when it comes to loving music, … Continue reading

Three Rivers Show by Monk Watson

Three Rivers Show in 1931 From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, November 1967; by Monk Watson: ”I’ve had fun reading some of my old Seven Circles official publications, printed back in 1931 … Where have the years gone, and those wonderful friends … Continue reading

Monk Watson out of Hospital 1965

Out Of The Hospital From the December 1965 issue of TOPs Magazine, by Monk Watson: “How I have missed writing the column even for one month and I how this will make up for it. First, I want to thank … Continue reading

Monk Watson by Daniel Waldron

The End Of The Palace Theatre     From “The Detroit Free Press” newspaper, November 14, 1965. By Daniel Waldron. “A RED-HAIRED RUBE dived headfirst from the hayloft, disappeared into an old-fashioned well, and came up spouting water like a … Continue reading

Monk Watson by Dorny

“Monk Watson” By Dorny     From The “New Tops” Magazine, July 1965 By Werner Dornfeld: “Hold onto your hats, everybody! If you will look at the picture above you will see the face of the most incurable “Nut” in … Continue reading

Monk Remembers the Family Home

Monk Watson Remembers His Home In Colon   From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1962. By Monk Watson: “It was grand to see Dai Vernon in action again, and he and I went over old times again. John Braun and I … Continue reading