Father and Son

Blackstones, Father And Son, Warmly Remembered in Colon     Sturgis Journal, 1979: “Magician recalls childhood, early times By Jacque Malesh COLON – Blackstone. The name alone conjures up magic, with visions of impossible illusions. The name is and always … Continue reading

Ceremonies Special

Ceremonies Special to Blackstone Family     From The Sturgis Daily Journal, August 15, 1977: “COLON – ‘This is one of the most special experiences of my life, along with the marriage to my wife, Gay, and the birth of … Continue reading

Blackstone’s Magic

Blackstone’s Magic   From The Detroit News Michigan, March 2, 1986: The great magician has had his share of tragedy, so he has few illusio0ns about life, Maybe that’s why he works so hard at making things disappear. By Richard … Continue reading

Harry Blackstone Jr. by Monk Watson

Harry Blackstone Jr. 2nd Greatest Magician HODGE PODGE Joe Ganger Written by Monk Watson. Taken from the September 1963 “TOPS” magazine: “When our editor asked me to write about the World’s Second Greatest Magician I thought it would be hard … Continue reading

John Fisher on Blackstone 1997

Harry Blackstone Junior 1934 – 1997 An appreciation by John Fisher: “Harry Blackstone Junior began his career as a professional magician with the greatest of handicaps. The son of the man who personified magic in America during the middle years … Continue reading

About Blackstone Jr.

HARRY BLACKSTONE JR.   Author unknown: “Throughout the world of entertainment there is only one name that is synonymous with the art of illusion, the mysteries of prestidigitation, and the world of magic; and that name is BLACKSTONE. Carrying on … Continue reading

Blackstone Jr’s Ashes Come Home

Magician’s ashes returned to home for burial       Kalamazoo Gazette, August 4, 1997, by Lynette A. Kalsnes: “ COLON – The late Harry Blackstone Jr. will come to rest here in a little country cemetery next to his … Continue reading

Blackstone Jr at Sea World

BLACKSTONE, JR.’S MAGIC a feature this summer at “Sea World of Ohio” July 1976, newspaper clipping, source unknown, by Richard Hughes: “Harry Blackstone Jr., recently paid a visit to Northeastern Ohio to train the personal at Sea World of Ohio … Continue reading

Harry Blackstone Jr Birth Announcement

“Blackstone Special” 1934 MODEL Produced Under the National Recovery Act Combining Finest Materials and Workmanship DESIGNER – Harry Bouton Blackstone. PRODUCTION MANAGER – “Billie” Blackstone. FIRST SHOWING – June 30, 1934. ON DISPLAY – Three Rivers Hospital, Three Rivers, Michigan. … Continue reading

Blackstone Jr at Miller 1985

Blackstone at WMU Miller Auditorium This Thursday Evening at 8:00 P.M. Colon Express, March 6, 1985: “Editor’s note: The picture and press release of Harry Blackstone Jr. were sent to the Express from Western Michigan University’s Miller Auditorium. Some of … Continue reading