Blackstone by George Florida

The Last “Great” Doesn’t Bother To Say so     From TOPS Magazine, August 1961, by George ‘Alabama’ Florida: “Time was, and it  is still within the memory of most of today’s theatre-goers, when any magician who wasn’t either the … Continue reading

A Blackstone Story, George Johnstone

A Blackstone Story     From TOPS Magazine, December 1974, by George Johnstone: “We get letters asking for more “Blackstone Show Adventures.” So Salla reminds me of my first visit there … we had loaded most of the show into … Continue reading

Following Blackstone by Monk Watson

Following Blackstone   From TOPS Magazine, October, 1961, by Monk Watson: “This should not be hard to write because it is pretty close to my heart, and also close to the hearts of many who were lucky enough to see … Continue reading

Harry Blackstone in Three Rivers

HARRY BLACKSTONE SR.   From the Sturgis Journal newspaper, June 11, 1931: “A crowd lined the Wood Street Bridge and the banks of the river saw Harry Blackstone make his escape from a nailed casket lowered 14 feet into the … Continue reading

Billie Blackstone by George Johnstone

Memories of Billie Blackstone   TOPs magazine, June, 1992, by George Johnstone: “It is hard to comprehend that Billie is no longer with us. That’s Billie Gillick. When I was with the Blackstone show she was Billie Blackstone, the wife … Continue reading

Father and Son

Blackstones, Father And Son, Warmly Remembered in Colon     Sturgis Journal, 1979: “Magician recalls childhood, early times By Jacque Malesh COLON – Blackstone. The name alone conjures up magic, with visions of impossible illusions. The name is and always … Continue reading

Sally Banks on Blackstone

Sally Banks and Harry Blackstone From the Battle Creek Enquirer and News, August 13, 1972 Sally Banks: “Girl Friday” for late Harry Blackstone By Amy South. “Everybody in this town remembers Harry Blackstone,” I was told when I stopped at … Continue reading

Blackstone Equipment

     Blackstone equipment being reconstructed     From The Ingham County News, September 23, 1970, by Jim Walker: “Detroit magic lovers work to bring Harry back” Outside the Bijou theatre in downtown Lansing, the snow was falling quickly on this … Continue reading

I Remember Harry Blackstone, David Price

      I remember Harry Blackstone   From “The TOPS Magazine, November 1969, by David Price: “Every magician has his own recollections of Blackstone. Perhaps my earliest such recollection is of being passed in through the stage entrance by … Continue reading

Blackstone Sells Property

Blackstone Sell Colon Property     From The Colon Express, January 25, 1951: “Harry Blackstone, the noted magician who has had much to do in publicizing Colon, has sold his home and property here to Mrs. Alma M. Anderson of … Continue reading