Blackstone’s New Bride

BLACKSTONE AND BRIDE HERE ON HONEYMOON       From The Colon Express, November 23, 1950: “Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blackstone have been making the Blackstone home here their headquarters while visiting neighboring cities and acquainting Mrs. Blackstone with Michigan. … Continue reading

Harry Blackstone by

BLACKSTONE A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH By Daniel Waldron (Date unknown) “Company of 30 – Mostly Girls!” ran Blackstone’s ads in the early 1940s. Magic and Mystery were fine, but the astute showman knew people bought theater tickets for numerous other reasons. … Continue reading

Blackstone in Lansing

    In Lansing Theaters     From The Lansing State Journal, January 14, 1944: “BLACKSTONE OPENS RUN HERE SUNDAY;  An amazing journey into the land of adventure and fantasy is offered by Blackstone, the magician, who comes to the Michigan … Continue reading

Recalling the Blackstones by Clarke Crandall

Recalling The Blackstones   From a January 1966 TOPS Magazine column by Clarke Crandall: “I don’t know who started the rumor that The Great Blackstone had died. I assure you it isn’t true. A nice man by the name of … Continue reading

My Friend, Blackstone by Monk Watson

My Friend Blackstone HODGE PODGE Joe Ganger   From “Tops” Magazine, January 1966; By “Monk” Watson: “The end of an era came with the passing of my good friend, Harry Blackstone. I don’t believe that I’ll live to see the … Continue reading

The Great Blackstone, George Johnstone

The Great Blackstone   From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1965, by George Johnstone: “Harry Blackstone, age 80, occupation … legend. The shadowy figure waiting in the wings with the scythe grew inpatient. Today the heart of the magic world mourns … Continue reading

Harry Blackstone by George McAthy

A Salute To Harry Blackstone     From The “TOPS” Magazine, September 1965. By George McAthy: “On September 27 the “King of Magicians,” Harry Blackstone, will celebrate his 80th birthday. We of Southern California are lucky that Harry decided to … Continue reading

Blackstone dies 1965

Blackstone, the Magician, Dies; Helped Make Colon ‘Magic City’   Newspaper clipping, 1965, from Colon Historical Society: “Harry Blackstone, world famed magician who helped make Colon a “magic capitol” and his home for 20 years, is dead at 80. He … Continue reading

Blackstone visits Colon 1951

Blackstone Visits Many Colon Friends   From the Colon Express newspaper, August 16, 1951: “Harry Blackstone, the famous magician, with Mrs. Blackstone and Harry Blackstone Jr., spent Tuesday visiting Colon friends. The Blackstones, who now live in Hollywood, California had … Continue reading

Blackstone’s Birthday 1941

Friends Surprise Blackstone on Birthday     From The Colon Express newspaper, October 2, 1941: “It requires unusual magic to deceive Blackstone, the famous magician, but he was caught unawares last Saturday evening when a group of friends from Colon … Continue reading