Jack Gwynne’s Magic Carpet; 1963

     Jack Gwynne’s Magic Carpet!   From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, October 1963: (Editor’s note: This story took place in Calcutta, India during World War II. Jack Gwynne, a prominent member of the U.S.O., was flying around the world on his … Continue reading

Cover Portrait Of Jack Gwynne   From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, August 1961; by Robert Parrish: ”The best general magic act in the last decades of American vaudeville was that of Jack Gwynne and Company. Other top magic acts of the … Continue reading

Jack Gwynne Cover Portrait 1947

  Jack Gwynne, Cover Portrait 1947   From TOPS Magazine, April 1947, Cover Portrait: “Jack Gwynne, head man of the original Royal Family of Magic, whose likeness appears on the cover this month, has been in Magic a long while … Continue reading

Jack & Abbe Gwynne 50th

Jack and Anne Gwynne Married 50 Years! From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1965, by George Johnstone: “On Sunday, November 7th, 1965 the Midwest magic world turned out en masse at Banana’s Steak House (S’help me that’s the real name) to … Continue reading