Karrell Fox Cover Portrait 1947

    Cover Portrait for Karrell Fox in 1947   From the October, 1947 edition of TOPS Magazine. “By this time you’ve probably noticed that its Karrell Fox. “His Royal Slyness, King of Korn” on the cover this month The … Continue reading

Karrell Fox at 16

Karrell Fox at age 16     From a 1944 issue of TOPS magazine. KARRELL FOX SERVES MAGIC “Here is a feature story which made fine pub­licity for a young Magician who, when not conjuring, helps his dad run a … Continue reading

Karrell Fox Obituary

    Karrell Fox Obituary   KARRELL FOX, world-famous magician and comedian died Thursday, (March 12, 1998) while at the Desert Seminar Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada (A magician’s convention). He was born on January 30, 1928. Long a Detroit-area resident … Continue reading

Goodbye to Foxy Follies

Goodbye to Foxy-Follies   Oh, the memories! August 13, 1983, by Karrell Fox: “To All Attendees of the Abbott Magic Get-togethers: As many of you know … there will be no “Foxy-follies” to close the show this year. Since the … Continue reading