Foster Is Good For Nothing! From The “TOPS” Magazine, October 1967. By Monk Watson: “Now that you’ve picked yourselves up off of the floor and are saying, “What has happened to Monk and Neil Foster?”, really, that was a compliment. … Continue reading

Magic’s a Class Act

Chavez College of Manual Dexterity and Prestidigitation   From The Detroit News Michigan, March 2, 1986: In Colon, Mich., Magic’s a Class Act   Just about every semester somebody asks Neil Foster, dean, chancellor and principal faculty member at America’s … Continue reading

Neil Foster by Dorny

Neil Foster by “Dorny”   Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Neil Foster (1921 – 1988). Dorny writes about Neil in his Entre Nous Column in the … Continue reading