Blackstone’s Home Base

Blackstone’s home base still has the tricks of his trade up his sleeve     From The Detroit Free Press, October 30, 1987, by Neal Rubin: “COLON – Little Johnny Jones, The Conjuring Humorist, remains alive and tricking at 89. … Continue reading

Salute to Harry Blackstone

Salute to Harry Blackstone Sr.   From “The Express” newspaper, November 17, 1965: “He put Colon on the map, and now he’s gone. This wouldn’t be the Magic Capital of the World; possibly it wouldn’t even be a town anymore, … Continue reading

Blackstone’s Summer Home

Blackstone made Colon his summer home   From The Sturgis Journal newspaper, August 8, 1990, by Mike Dunn: “The date was Oct. 21, 1941, Harry Blackstone, one of the most prominent magician/illusionist in the world, opened his national touring show … Continue reading

Gordon Miller’s Eulogy to Neil Foster

Eulogy to Neil Foster     Prepared and delivered by Gordon Miller, March 16, 1988, Colon, Michigan: “I deem it an honor to have been asked and to be allowed to deliver this eulogy for my friend, Neil Foster. A … Continue reading

Della Coppin (Sally Banks)

Della Coppin Della Coppin (Sally Banks) The Express, August 17, 1977, By Monk Watson: “I only knew Sally as “Sally Banks” because that was the stage name of her husband, Edward Coppin. He was one of the group who came … Continue reading

Monk Watson Goes Home

‘Monk” Goes Home   From “The Colon Express”, December 1963, By Monk Watson: “Really, my home is right here in Colon, and how glad I am that we live here and not in the city of Detroit. Getting in and … Continue reading

Pete Bouton by George Johnstone 1968

From the ‘TOPS” Magazine, June 1968. By George Johnstone: “Golly, it’s hard t realize that ole Pete is gone. He was the fun-type character that you thought would always be around. Pete Bouton used to be my “grandpa” image when … Continue reading

Percy Abbott

Percy Abbott lived an illusion most of his life. It wasn’t discovered until after his death. In 1960. From a page clipped out of an Australian Magazine; no date or identification: “Marjorie Abbott and her mother, Rose, strolled along the … Continue reading

Monk Watson

Donald (Monk) Watson was born in Jackson Michigan in 1894. When his mother became terminally ill, he was sent to live with his grandmother here in Colon. It was through magic that he got into show business as a boy. … Continue reading

Blackstone and Colon

Harry Blackstone’s wife, Inez, drove her car south (by chance) from Kalamazoo through Leonidas and into Colon. At the western edge of the village she noticed an Island on Sturgeon Lake. Upon investigation, she found that the island was for … Continue reading