Hank Moorehouse Obituary

    Henry L. Moorehouse     From The Sturgis Journal newspaper, August 9, 2011: “Henry L. (Hank) Moorehouse, 77, of White Pigeon, died Saturday, July 2, 2011, in Beijing, China, of natural causes. He was born April 23, 1934, … Continue reading

Blackstone by George Florida

The Last “Great” Doesn’t Bother To Say so     From TOPS Magazine, August 1961, by George ‘Alabama’ Florida: “Time was, and it  is still within the memory of most of today’s theatre-goers, when any magician who wasn’t either the … Continue reading

Hank Moorehouse in England

  Hank Moorehouse in England This is a reprint from Tops in November 1982. We lost Terry earlier this year in January 2011 and Hank 6 months later. As you can see from the picture that Terry did make it … Continue reading

A Blackstone Story, George Johnstone

A Blackstone Story     From TOPS Magazine, December 1974, by George Johnstone: “We get letters asking for more “Blackstone Show Adventures.” So Salla reminds me of my first visit there … we had loaded most of the show into … Continue reading

Phil Wait and His Balloon, Monk Watson

Phil Wait and His Balloon   From The Colon Express newspaper, June 11, 1975; by Monk Watson: ”I think we all have idols to look back on, and my great idol was Phil Wait. I remember his first balloon ascension, … Continue reading

Where Was I? 1940-1964 Monk Watson

Where Was I? 1940 – 1964     From The New TOPS Magazine, December 1964, by Monk Watson: “If you think this is going to be an easy month, you’re crazy. Neil has just returned from the hospital, looking in … Continue reading

Following Blackstone by Monk Watson

Following Blackstone   From TOPS Magazine, October, 1961, by Monk Watson: “This should not be hard to write because it is pretty close to my heart, and also close to the hearts of many who were lucky enough to see … Continue reading

Monk and Mary Watson

  Monk and Mary Watson     Clipping from a newspaper, source and date unknown (1977): “COLON, Michigan – “From the time I was two years old, I would do anything to get attention,” admits Donald “Monk” Watson. Since then … Continue reading

School Daze From 1917 to 1976

School Daze From 1917 to 1976   By Monk Watson in the Colon Express newspaper, 1976: “The year was 1917 and the 32nd Division of Michigan and Wisconsin was training for overseas duty as a combat division. I found myself … Continue reading

Jack Gwynne Cover Portrait 1947

  Jack Gwynne, Cover Portrait 1947   From TOPS Magazine, April 1947, Cover Portrait: “Jack Gwynne, head man of the original Royal Family of Magic, whose likeness appears on the cover this month, has been in Magic a long while … Continue reading