Percy Abbott Obituary

     Percy Abbot, Dean of Magicians Passed Away Suddenly Last Friday     From the files of The Colon Community Historical Society, newspaper clipping, August 31, 1960, unknown source: “Percy Abbott, 74, the dean of Magicians, and the world’s greatest … Continue reading

Gladys Abbott Obituary

Obituary For Gladys M. Abbott     From TOPS Magazine, April 1990: “Gladys M. Abbott passed away March 6, 1990, in Upland, California, following a lingering illness. She was born in Colon, Michigan, February 25, 1907, the daughter of William … Continue reading

Percy Abbott is Festival Founder

    Colon festival founder was master showman and trick artist!     From the Kalamazoo Gazette, August 7, 1982: by Robert Warner: “Magic is imagination What an imagination Percy Abbott had. Abbott died in 1960, but his magic tricks are … Continue reading

Percy Abbott by Neil Foster

Percy Abbott “The Caliph of Colon” 1886 – 1960     From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1964. By Neil Foster: “Tragedy struck a family in Sydney, Australia in 1894 when a young mother passed away followed six month later by … Continue reading

Percy Abbott by Rev. Donald Bodley

Percy Abbott, In Memoriam   From TOPS Magazine, January 1961: “On August 30, 1960, it was my sad duty to officiate at the funeral rites of a great friend and faithful citizen, Percy Abbott. The sermon which was preached on … Continue reading

Percy Abbott by Frances Marshall

     Percy Abbott   By Frances Ireland Marshall ”Did you ever notice that the people who stand out in history aren’t the most beloved, the gentlest, or the meekest? Those are the ones who will inherit the earth. The folks … Continue reading

Percy Abbott on Himself

Percy’s Story     From an article contained in the records of the Colon Community Historical Society Museum; written by Percy Abbott in 1957:  “There have been many stories from various walks of life on “starting from scratch” and “building … Continue reading