Recil Bordner on Magic Capital of the World

From TOPS Magazine, January 1961, by Recil Bordner: “I am assuming that everyone knows how Lester Lake came to give Colon the title of THE MAGIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, and how I came to buy half interest in this … Continue reading

Recil Bordner by Neil Foster

From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, October 1966; Cover Portrait; by Neil Foster: ”RECIL BORDNER IS THE Abbott Magic Manufacturing Company. Six months after the late Percy Abbott founded the factory in Colon, in 1934, Recil became his partner. Mr. Abbott had … Continue reading

Recil Bordner by Neil Foster 1976

Recil Bordner From the Colon Express newspaper, August 18, 1976, by Neil Foster: “The exploration of Viking I on Mars may not disturb the rabbits hereabouts, but mention “magicians” and they hunt their hideouts! They are doing it now because … Continue reading

Recil Bordner Obituary

  Magic King Bordner dies   Newspaper clipping, September 8, 1981: “COLON – Recil J. Bordner, 70, president of Abbott Magic Company and publisher of “The New Tops Magazine” died at noon Tuesday. A central figure in Colon’s magic heritage, … Continue reading