Ever Been to Puddleburg?

Ever Been to Puddleburg? HODGE PODGE Joe Ganger   As a resident of Colon, I am used to hearing wisecracks about our town name. I suppose our neighbors in Climax get the same ribbing. Ironically, there are three towns in … Continue reading

Mendon’s Darkest Day

Mendon’s Darkest Day     Kalamazoo Gazette, October 1, 1961 (45 –Years Ago article): “Mendon, Michigan – The sun was bright in the cloudless sky but the sharp edge of autumn was on the wind that bristled out of the … Continue reading

Mendon by Raymond Meyer

    Mendon     By Raymond  C. Meyer Sr., April 18, 1990: ”The first white visitors to the Michigan aborigines of Nottawa-seepe were missionaries. There were followed by the fur traders. Most of the early traders were French. The French … Continue reading

Mendon Burns

From the newspaper: “On October 4, 1916, while many of its citizens were attending the Kalamazoo County Fair to see the “Human Fly”, the Mendon business district burned down. A fire started in Roger’s Butcher Shop, where a clerk was … Continue reading