Thoughts on Magic by Mel Melson

     Thoughts on Magic   From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, April 1945; by Mel Melson: ”Just a few rambling thoughts:  How many amateur and semi-professional Magicians lose sight of the fact that, after all, Magic should be a means of entertainment, … Continue reading

Howard “Mel” Melson by Gene Gordon

Howard Melson, Gone But Never Forgotten From TOPS Magazine, January 1961, by Gene Gordon:  “Magicians are always intimating that the spirits do return to the scenes of their past triumphs. If such a thing is possible, then our new Editor, … Continue reading

Skippy LaMore

     Skippy LaMore!   June 18, 1942, The Colon Express: “Skippy LaMore’s Comedians are showing this week in Vicksburg. Skippy is carrying on with his part in the regular performance, but is unable to do his specialties. That theatrical people … Continue reading

Skippy LaMore by Monk Watson

Final Curtain Skippy LaMore   August 1942, by Monk Watson: “”The show must go on” is a pet saying by a lot of people who, if they were ever put to the test, would fold up like an old umbrella, … Continue reading

Madame Marantette; Ralph Clement

Madame Marantette Written by Ralph Clement “Madame Marantette, probably the greatest horsewoman of all time, was born in 1848 and was raised on a farm between Colon and Mendon. She was born Emma Peek. She and her sister, Myrtle, also … Continue reading