Interview With Skippy LaMore

Troupes Are Called Rural “Opera Houses”   COLON, Michigan, April 19, 1941 – Show-wagon wheels again are rolling. Throughout the rural communities of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, five established dramatic companies which last year played to 600,000 persons once more are … Continue reading

Minstrel Show Change 1940

LIONS CLUB MINSTREL SHOW CHANGED TO TUESDAY   From the Colon Express newspaper, October 31, 1940: “The date of the Lions Club Minstrel Show has been changed from Friday night, November 8, to Tuesday night, November 5th.  This change was … Continue reading

Lamore’s and Watson in Lions Minstrel 1940

THE LAMORE’S AND MONK WATSON ASSIST IN LIONS MINSTREL   From the Colon Express newspaper, October 24, 1940: “The script is written, the rehearsals are under way, and the Lions Club Minstrel, to be presented at Hill’s Opera House on … Continue reading

Skippy LaMore

     Skippy LaMore!   June 18, 1942, The Colon Express: “Skippy LaMore’s Comedians are showing this week in Vicksburg. Skippy is carrying on with his part in the regular performance, but is unable to do his specialties. That theatrical people … Continue reading

Skippy LaMore by Monk Watson

Final Curtain Skippy LaMore   August 1942, by Monk Watson: “”The show must go on” is a pet saying by a lot of people who, if they were ever put to the test, would fold up like an old umbrella, … Continue reading