Doctor Ervin L. Godfrey Obituary

Dr. E. L. Godfrey, Eminent Physician, Answers Final Call   From the Colon Express newspaper, December 19, 1935: “The death of Dr. E. L. Godfrey, one of colon’s most highly esteemed citizens and undoubtedly the oldest practicing physicians in this … Continue reading

Charles Clement Obituary

CHARLES CLEMENT DAN OF MERCHANTS DIED LAST NIGHT   From the Colon Express newspaper, August 14, 1930: “Charles Clement, pioneer businessman and veteran, passed away last night at 10:015. Mr. Clement has been growing more feeble this winter as the … Continue reading

Reverand P. C. Cyphers Obituary

GO-GETTER’S MOURN LOSS OF REV. CYPHERS   Rev. P. C. Cyphers was born October 16, 1841, at South Bend Brook, New Jersey, and passed away at his home in Romulus, Michigan, June 1, 1928. Of the immediate family he is … Continue reading

David L. Akey Obituary

Obituary of David L. Akey   From the Colon Express, June 7, 1928: “The sudden death of David L. Akey, Tuesday afternoon, was a severe shock to his relatives and hundreds of friends throughout the community and county, and by … Continue reading

Doctor W. E. Doran Obituary

COLON MOURNS LOSS OF DR. W. E. DORAN     From The Colon Express, December 10, 1925: ”When word of the sudden death of Dr. W. E. Doran last Sunday morning, a pall of sorrow reached over the entire community. … Continue reading

Doctor Ervin L. Godfrey

“Messenger of Mercy” Half Century, Colon’s Doctor Is Village Pioneer   From a Battle Creek Newspaper, June 7, 1925: Dispensed Early Services by Bicycle, Had First Automobile in Town – It Was a Rambler, but It Often Failed to Ramble, … Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson Hill

Death of Thomas Jefferson Hill H From a newspaper clipping, August 1914: “Thomas Jefferson Hill — Youngest son of Elisha and Pamelia (Pope) Hill, was born in Liberty, Union County, Ind, October 5th, 1840, and quietly passed away at his … Continue reading

Jane A. Tomlinson Obituary

Obituary for Jane A. Tomlinson   From the Colon Express, February 8, 1901: “AN ACTIVE LIFE Was that of Mrs. Tomlinson. Brought to a close with a Cheerful Submission. Colon has suffered the loss of another of its brightest mothers … Continue reading

John W. Hall Obituary

  Obituary of John W. Hall   From a newspaper clipping at the Colon Community Historical Society Museum, dated 1909: “John W. Hall was born in Boston, near Brantford, Ontario, Canada, August 23, 1834. His parents were George A. and … Continue reading

Doctor Issac Sides Obituary

  DR. SIDES IS DEAD   From a newspaper clipping at the Colon Community Historical Society Museum, dated March 18, 1904: “At the Ripe Old Age of 84 Colon’s pioneer Physician Passes Away. Last Friday afternoon, at about 3 o’clock, … Continue reading