New Bridge at Colon 1932

New Bridge at Colon to Be Dedicated Friday and Saturday   From Michigan Roads and Airports, September 29, 1932: “Dedication ceremonies for the new Main Street bridge in Colon, St. Joseph County, are scheduled for Friday and Saturday of this … Continue reading

Elizabeth Charlotte Stice

Coldwater, Mich. — By Dave McDonald The Branch District Library’s Heritage Room houses many archive folders with many more interesting, true stories of people and times long past, but not forgotten. While doing some local history research recently, I came … Continue reading

Lew Dockstader

Voice from the past, by Joe Ganger   One of Colon’s time-faded celebrities was a man by the name of Lew Dockstader. Run the name on the Internet and you will find quite a bit. Lew Dockstader was a singer, … Continue reading

Inventing Magic   From newspaper clipping, date and source unknown: “Former Danvillean Making Name For Himself Concocting Trick Contraptions, By Ruth Howard. “Mystery of modern magic depends not only on the skill of the performer but upon ingenious mechanical devices … Continue reading

Farrand Hall on Farrand Road

Farrand Hall Unidentified newspaper clipping donated to the Colon Community Historical Society Museum: “FARRAND HALL – The large frame house of four levels was built by Henry K. Farrand in 1854. Henry Farrand came to Colon, from Cayuga County, New … Continue reading

Schipper Funeral Home

Battle Creek Furnace in new home! The house we are going to talk about is now the Schipper Funeral Home, 308 S. Blackstone. It was actually built by Dr. Erwin Godfrey. Both he and his father were medical doctors. Dr. … Continue reading

Gordon Benjamin Culp

War comes home to a small town. Constant television coverage brings news to us quickly. Not so in past wars. In those days news of what was happening came home slowly, if at all. Let me give you an example. … Continue reading

Fred Merrill Obituary

Obituary for Fred R. Merrill     Fred R. Merrill passed away March 16, 1976 at his home at 105 Edwin Avenue, Colon, Michigan. He was 87. He was born in Manchester, New Hampshire on August 18, 1888, a son … Continue reading

Duke Stern

Duke Stern by “A Magic Nut”     Important to Abbott Magic Company history and the village of Colon, Michigan is a man by the name of Duke Stern (1913 – 1973). I never had the pleasure of meeting Duke … Continue reading

Magic Capital of the World, Patrick West

The Magic Capital of the World Written by Patrick West (A thesis for graduate history at Central Michigan University, 1976) Foreword In the study of history, one of the most interesting questions to investigate is, “How did it happen?” In … Continue reading