Abbott’s Get-Together 1967, Clarke Crandall

     Get-together in Colon!     From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, December 1967; by Clarke Crandall: ”There were several highlights to my August Colon visit. A short pause at Neil and Jeanne Foster’s homestead was most enjoyable. I would have liked … Continue reading

Abbott’s Get-Together 1964 by Monk Watson

    The 1964 Abbott’s Get Together     From Abbott’s TOPS Magazine, October 1964; by Monk Watson: ”The big show is over, or was it the big shows … really I’m not back to normal yet, but I hope to … Continue reading

Recil Bordner on Magic Capital of the World

From TOPS Magazine, January 1961, by Recil Bordner: “I am assuming that everyone knows how Lester Lake came to give Colon the title of THE MAGIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, and how I came to buy half interest in this … Continue reading

Abbott’s Magic in 1936

Abbott’s Magic in 1936     From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1936, by Sid Lorraine: “ The first thing I must rave about, this month, is the Abbott Canadian Branch. This is the first time in many, many years the … Continue reading

Michigan’s Magic Brain Trust by Gabe Fajuri

Michigan’s Magic Brain Trust From Magicol magazine, May 2008, by Gabe Fajuri: “The opening pages of Abbott’s Catalog # 6 are filled with photos. Images of the Abbott plant, where devices of deception were cranked out in assembly-line style, crowd … Continue reading

Abbott’s Get-Together 1980

Abbott’s Get-Together   August 13 – 16, 1980 – Colon, Michigan; A Report By Bill and Irene Larsen. From Genii Magazine, October 1980: “ summary – “Get-Together” is defined as an informal social gathering. This certainly describes the Abbott affair … Continue reading

1942 Get=together by Monk Watson

The 1942 Get-Together     From TOPS Magazine, November 1942, by Monk Watson: “This is one month I’m more than happy to be able to give out in my column. First of all, before I go any further I want … Continue reading

Abbott’s 50th in 1987

Abbotts 50th Get Together 1987 by Frances Marshall & Karrell Fox When the news of an opening of a magic shop in Colon, Michigan reached Chicago in 1934, our people were surprised! Who could they sell to? Who could they … Continue reading

Abbott Employees Stage Show 1940

ABBOTT EMPLOYEES STAGE GREAT SHOW   From the Colon Express newspaper, November 14, 1940: “When more than two hundred men, women and children gathered at the Abbott Magic Theatre last Saturday night, they came to enjoy the first of a … Continue reading

Edgar Bergen Visits Colon

Mortimer Snerd Visits Colon Colon Express, September 16, 1948: “Abbott’s fifteenth annual Magic Get-Together closed on Saturday night, September 11th. Percy Abbott pulled a surprise the last night that will be long remembered by all the visiting magicians and the … Continue reading