Colon Business List in 1932

Historical Society Notes on 1932

Among the contents of the Colon Express building was a list of businesses in 1932. Determining the locations has not been so easy. “Ethan J. Adams, Lakeview Creamery, Phone 212 (located at the corner of Swan and Canal Sts). Adams Brothers, I. G. A. Grocery, Phone 127 (between Post Office and Trayling’s Ins.). A & P Store, Roy B., Bell, Mgr. (SE corner of East State and Swan Sts). Roy J.Bartholomew, clothier (now Dawn & Phil’s Restaurant). Brown’s Dry Goods Store, Mrs. Gertie Brown, Phone 115 (located above the east half of Five Star Pizza). J. Orla Burke, Live Stock, Phone 165 (north end of Swan St.). John Brast, Variety Store (now part of Magic City Hardware bldg.). Colon Elevator, J. E. Olney, Phone 211 (exact location unknown). Colon Service Garage, Ralph R. Roderick, Phone 220 (now Fisher’s Automotive). Colon Flour Mills, Joe Stull, Phone 52 (now east end of old Hemel Chevrolet building). DeBack, James, Grocery, Phone 229 (exact location unknown but on north side of State St. downtown). DeVault, Earl, Plumber, (located behind Dawn & Phil’s). East Side Garage, Ray Vreeland, Prop. (unknown). Frisbie Repair Shop and Blacksmith, Floyd J. Frisbie (located on north side of South St., just west of St Joseph St.). Farrand, Virgil C., Hardware, Phone 23 (unknown). Godfrey, Dr. E. L. M. D., Phone 7 (now Schipper Funeral Home). Godfrey, Dr. Glen E., Dentist, Phone 80 (office was above Citizens Bank in old Opera House building). Goodell & King, Barber Shop (South side of State St., near the hardware). This barber shop was later moved to Barry St., now Steve Tomlinson’s home. Goodell, A. C. Coal, Implements and Seeds, Phone 120 (Now community park on West Colon Rd.). Gorton, Jay, Barber Shop (located just north of Trayling Insurance). Hartman, Dr. P. L. Veterinary, Phone 14 (some disagreement as to whether he was a veterinary. Location unknown. Guess I could just call him on the phone). Hartman, Oscar, Bakery and Ice Cream Parlor, Phone 16 (just east of Barber shop). Hill, Stuart G., Hardware, Phone 72 (now Real Estate Office). When Stuart died (at the hardware), his wife Eva hired John Perry. Upon her death, her son, Deo Leland Stuart sold the hardware to John Perry for $8,000. Hobday, Howard, Garage, Auto Sales and Repairing, Phone 72 (located east of current Hemel Chevrolet). Jailer’s Garage (John), Chevrolet and Buick, Phone 230 (located on east side of South Swan St. just behind empty store on the corner of Swan and State St.).” “Ken’s Café (Ken Miller), Phone 60 (second store east of SE corner of State and Swan St. Lloyds Bakery, Lloyd J. Burkholder, Phone 44, (location unknown). Lamb Knit Goods Co. Mfgrs., Charles G. Correll, Mgr. Phone 42J (now Woodcrafters building). George S. Mitchell, Jeweler. (located in the area of the current police station). Marilyn Farrell remembers that her father bought her mother’s silverware there. John Perry (Marilyn’s father) recalls that Mr. Mitchell drove his car all over town in low gear in order to chcarge the battery! Charles Maurer, Dry Goods, Phone 49 (located west side of current Citizen’s Bank). Mid Lakes Cafe, Dine and Dance Casino, Mannie Emmands Sulton, Phone 40 (located in the parking lot next to the police station). There was apparently some conflict over the use of the restaurant name. Modern Shop, Harness and Shoes Rebuilt, Leo Thrams, (south side of East State Street, exact location unknown). J. Elliot Mosher, General Store, Phone 5 (one side of Five Star Pizza). R. R. Munday Cleaners (location unknown). Wallace F. Markham, Funeral Director, Phone 104-J (now Davis & Davis). Charles Niendorf, Drug Store, Phone 28-1, now Magic City Hardware. Later sold to Bob Gamble (became Gamble’s Drug Store with Ellis Lake as druggist). Later sold to Duane Latham (Latham’s Drugs) and then to Al King who built the new building. Became King Pharmacy until bought out by Village Market. Oliver Osborn, Barber Shop (location unknown). Palmer Hotel, Olive Hall, Proprietor (hotel located at what is now Hemel Chevrolet). J. G. Ryan, Cigar Store (now Curley’s). Donavan Royer, Funeral Director, Phone 29 (location unknown). E. Hill an Sons State Bank, Phone 66 (now Citizen’s Bank). J. C. Cossairt, Shady Nook Hatchery (location unknown). Paul Stewart, blacksmith, East of bridge on State St. (I am told he made a wonderful spear! I was told that the property was sold to Paul Lampe in 1945). The Modern Shop, Leo Thrams, Prop., Harness and Shoes (under what is now Dawn & Phil’s). W. B. Tomlinson & Son, Lumber, Phone 67. Al Ward’s Garage, Phone 176 (located on the alley on Canal Street, across from library). Sol B. Wiles, Furniture Store (it was directly across Blackstone from Trayling’s Insurance).” We solicit your help in identifying locations!