Edgar Bergen Visits Colon

Mortimer Snerd Visits Colon

Colon Express, September 16, 1948: “Abbott’s fifteenth annual Magic Get-Together closed on Saturday night, September 11th. Percy Abbott pulled a surprise the last night that will be long remembered by all the visiting magicians and the local people of Colon. Unknown to anyone, Edgar Bergen, famous ventriloquist and radio and movie star, arrive quietly in the town at the Abbott residence. Percy had one of the Bradley cottages reserved for this event and Mr. Bergen and his party were taken immediately there. They arrived backstage just as the show started. Pat Patrick, who is known on the radio as Ersil Twing, appeared out of character and was not recognized. He introduced Jim Sherman of Chicago as amateur magician from Lamb Knit Goods Company. In fact, the master of ceremonies, Dorney, announced that three amateur performers would appear from the Lamb Knit Goods Company. Sherman attempted to do a trick, and was hustled off stage, then the other performer appeared giving an impersonation of Edgar Bergen. It only took the audience a matter of seconds to recognize Edgar Bergen and he was given a tremendous ovation. He performed his act introducing Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. The Bergen party joined crowd at the buffet lunch at Abbott’s and were up practically all night visiting with the magicians, doing stunts, gags, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Abbott took the Bergen party to the Schuler Hotel at Marshall on Sunday for dinner after which they started on the road to Chicago. Mr. Bergen leaves for New York today and is flying out to Hollywood for the September 16 for the grand opening of the new Abbott Magic Novelty Company branch. From all accounts this was the best magic get-together that has ever been held in Colon, with more than 700 magicians registered. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Abbott left yesterday for the west coast. The new Hollywood store is on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood and will be the most elaborate of any of the Abbott branches. It is fitted with a modern stage on which to demonstrate magic and illusions and will carry the complete Abbott line of magical merchandise. For the opening, Edgar Bergen, Jimmy Stewart, Peter Godfrey, the producer and other film notables will be present. George L. Boston is the local manager. He is an experienced magician, having had stage experience with the Harry Blackstone, Howard Thurston and will Rock shows, and with his own mental act. Mr. Abbott has commitments with film, radio, and television productions while on this trip in addition to the new opening. Other Abbott branches are in Chicago, New York, Indianapolis, and Detroit”

Monk Watson, Mortimer Snerd, Edgar Bergen, and Charlie MaCarthy on Sturgeon Lake in Colon.