Go-Getters 1925

Go-Getters Annual Reunion and Home Coming



Unidentified newspaper clipping from May 28, 1925; most likely the Colon Express:

You Are Invited Back to Colon Just for Old Times Sake

An Interesting History of the Go-Getters Club

An Appeal To You to Attend Reunion

We have been asked when and where and how the Go-Getter’s Club was organized, what it is and what it stands for.

We can readily name the time, place and circumstances of the organization of the club. This is a comparatively recent occurrence, but the spirit and the sentiment behind it and for which it stands – this is a different matter.

On the heart of the writer this sentiment was being fastened away back in the days when Marion (Shiper) McCabe, Ralph (Wab) Clement, Fremont (Cork) Adams, Rome (Skinney) West, Clare Godfrey and Fred McKinster who were almost inseparable and were known as Mack and Godfrey, these and several others composed the sand lot ball team and played on vacant lot south of the Factory where substantial and comfortable homes now stand, and many is the time we sat on the fence watching with envious eyes the “First Team” play, with Fred Bower, Fred Caton, Pearl (Colly) Atridge, Arthur (Deak) Atridge, Edgar (Nick) Doran, Will (Billie) Bradley, Charles (Buck) Savory, Will (Billie) Anderson, and others who called themselves “The Hungary Nine” on the diamond. We often wonder if we would ever be “one of the real ones” and, personally the writer never was. So far as baseball is concerned.

Later on the same sentiment was forming in the hearts of the boys in the days of the Indian medicine show when Roy (Duckie) Chivers,
Carl (Cark) Adams, Ferney Clement, Eck Doran and others were the front row boys and emulating the example of the then popular strong man gave exhibitions daily in any convenient building or vacant lot.

These are not serious recollections and are so fresh in our minds it is not necessary to recount them. From the earliest arrivals to the last departers not a moment was lost to any one present.

As at its first reunion, a thought was given to the friends of our youth whose voyage had led to “The (illegible)” from which no traveler (illegible) As if to welcome you – Back home.



Back home I hope the neighbors say

They miss me since I’ve been away;

There’s many there can take my place.

And do it with a kindlier grace;

There’s many that can do my tasks,

And yet I have somebody (illegible)


… lawn. J. L. Peters and his committee in charge. All residents of the village and community are urged to participate – Bring a pot-luck dinner for yourself and some extra. In this way it is hoped that your hospitality will provide abundantly for our visitors.

The main feature of the afternoon (illegible).

Dear “Old Timer” –

Another year has passed into history and the Colon “Go-Getters” is about to hold its Third Annual Reunion. Plans are underway to make this year’s event even more memorable than any of the preceding years. If possible to have every “Colon-ite” present on this occasion it would please me very much and I am sending this personal message to you with the urgent request that you lay aside your business cares for a few days and join “Your old time friends in your Old Home Town” on June 14th, 15th and 16th, of this year.

In 1923, thirteen former “Colon Boys” met in the “Old home town” and organized the “Go Getters Club” pledging themselves to return, on a given date, each year for the purpose of kindling anew that spirit of friendship and good fellowship that was engendered during their boyhood days. Last year invitations were sent out to an added list, who at one time or another, made their home in Colon. Over 100 responded to the call and one of the most interesting reunions ever held in any community was held in Colon. A complete report of this affair was printed in the Colon Express and numerous other town papers throughout Southern Michigan, some of which you may have read.

The Memorial services held at Lakeside cemetery in honor of departed schoolmates and friends was a long to be remembered event.

The Sunday evening services at the Baptist Church, over which our old time friend and pastor, Rev. C. F. Cyphers presided, will linger always in the memory of those present. The reception, given after the church services, by Mrs. Susan B. Hill, mother to the Go-Getters Club, and (illegible).

Included in this clipping is a picture of a group of men with at least ten deer hanging behind them.


The caption reads: “These bold hunters invaded the wilds of Northern Michigan in the fall of 1903. Shooting must have been pretty good in those days, if we may judge by the evidence shown. All but one of these men are still living and most of them reside in Colon. We will not publish their names but will leave it to you to identify them yourself. It will take the place of the cross-word puzzle for a few days we imagine.


Someone has written a few of the names (I count ten men): Frank Lamberson, Ray McMillan, Frank Hill, Dave Akey, Tom Anderson, Ture Mowry, Dr. Hartman, Eli Dane, Lee Frary.