Jack & Abbe Gwynne 50th

Jack and Anne Gwynne Married 50 Years!

From The “TOPS” Magazine, December 1965, by George Johnstone: “On Sunday, November 7th, 1965 the Midwest magic world turned out en masse at Banana’s Steak House (S’help me that’s the real name) to honor Anne and Jack Gwynne on the double anniversary of fifty years of married life and fifty years in professional magic. Their children picked up the tab for the affair. It was one of the finest and crowded affairs that I can remember. I saw people I haven’t seen in eons … Everybody wanted to pay their respects to this wonderful couple and hope that they’ll be around for another fifty. Jack’s enthusiasm for magic and show business, after fifty years, is still undimmed. He was all over the hall greeting and talking to people with such vitality that I hesitate to dub him “The Grand Old Man of Magic.” … I wouldn’t even consider to call Anne “The Grand Old Lady of Magic.” … “The Grand Young Lady,” yes. Let’s just think of her as “The Tinkerbell of the Geritol Set!” I first met Anne way back in the days when I was a galley slave on the Blackstone show but believe me, outside of a few streaks of grey, she is still the bubbling, vibrant gal she always was. My love affair with her will never flicker.”





Jack Gwynne died of a heart attack at age 74 on Sunday, December 7, 1969 at his home in Oak Lawn, Illinois. The previous Friday he had performed four magic shows at Chicago area schools. His wife, Anne, survived him by 10 years, making annual appearances at the Abbott’s Magic Get-Together in Colon, Michigan, where she presented the “Jack Gwynne Excellence In Magic Award” each year to the outstanding magician at the gathering. The award is still presented by surviving members of the Gwynne family.