Old Time Ministers Coming 1928




From the Colon Express Newspaper, June 7, 1928: “The Sunday program is progressing especially well. C. I. Beebe, you all remember him, tells us by telegram he will deliver the Sunday evening sermon at the union service in the opera house. Elt Mosher made a personal call at the home of Rev. Musser in Ypsilanti and has about completed arrangements to have Rev. Musser for the morning serivces in the Baptist Church, Sunday, while the Methodist plan to have Rev. A. N. Eldred in their church at the same hour.

These old friends to speak to us together, with the special music, of which we told you last week will surely make our churches seem like old times again.

(Later – Telegram received stating that Rev. Eldred will be with us to speak at the Methodist Church.)

The opening gun of the reunion will be the Boy Scout ball game, played Saturday afternoon, June 16th on the school diamond. The Scout team from Bronson will cross bats with the local Scout team. The boys have the Go-Getter spirit alright.

Arrangements are made to have our Saturday night get-together and registration in the Masonic hall, and to have the registration booth open Sunday and Monday in the lower floor of the Masonic building. This place will be better known to most of our old friends as McKinster store building. Be sure to come there. register and see who is here.

Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Farrand have consented to act on the picnic committee and Mr. Farrand has been made chairman of the same. When it is a matter of “boost Colon” you can always depend on Mr. and Mrs. Farrand. They will be in the “firing line.”

Dale Baad is hot on the trail of everyone of the old Colon band boys. He is working hard to get you fellows back to “tune in”” on Sunday and Monday again this year. Drop Dale a line to let him know you will be here.”