Oliver B. Culver’s Will

From the Union City Newspaper



The Last Testament of This Wealthy Matteson Farmer is Read

Mary and Oliver B. Culver

Oliver B. Culver, the wealthy Matteson township farmer who died several weeks ago, was the uncle of Mrs. Glenn G. Worden, of this city, and Mr. and Mrs. Worden went to the Culver home in Matteson, Monday to hear the will read. Mr. Culver’s chief benefactors were to Colon Village, and to Miss Mattie Myers, who lived with him for some time. To Colon he gave funds for a fine public library, and to Miss Myers he gave about $22,000. The whole estate was valued at $38,000. Below may be found a summary of the Culver benefactions, and from them it will be noted that Mrs. Worden will receive $400.

Village of Colon $15,000 for a library building and $1,000 for library books.

Village of Colon, Village property valued at $300.

John Green, $1,000.

Chas. Culver, $500.

Mrs. Glenn G. Worden, of Union City, $400.

Bertha Clinefeldt, $100.

Mr. Maynard, $100.

Mrs. Maynard, $100

Mr. Thrams, $100.

Harding Brothers, $100.

Mr. Babcock, $100.

Methodist, Baptist, St. Paul’s and Grace Churches of Colon, $500 each.

Matteson Township, for keeping cemetery lot, $500.

Mattie Myers, $1,000 and the residue of estate, estimated at $22,000.




According to the inflation calculator, $38,000 in 1910 would be equivalent to $922,384.00 in 2012 dollars.


For those who got $100, that is equivalent to $2,427.32 in 2012 dollars.