Queen Elizabeth II & Neil Foster

Reflections By Neil Foster



Published June 16, 1977, The Battle Creek Enquirer: “Magician Neil Foster of Colon (the Magic Capitol of the World) had cause to look on the Silver Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II of England last week with nostalgia.

Foster, who recently was honored in California for his contribution to magic, was one of the featured performers at the Gala Coronation Convivialities in London 25 years ago, when Elizabeth was crowned queen.

His greatest memory of the occasion is of meeting the queen during an intermission.’

“It was like meeting an angel,” he said. “It was the only time I ever was told to extend a limp hand to anyone. She doesn’t like it when people firmly grip her hand.”

For the three minutes that Foster was on stage during the royal convivialities, he performed magical manipulations with balls and cards and the floating silver sphere illusion for which he was becoming famous and has won numerous awards.

How was his royal performance received? “I knocked them off their feet,” Foster recalled.