Recil Bordner by Neil Foster 1976

Recil Bordner

From the Colon Express newspaper, August 18, 1976, by Neil Foster: “The exploration of Viking I on Mars may not disturb the rabbits hereabouts, but mention “magicians” and they hunt their hideouts! They are doing it now because 1,000 magicians and their families arrived today for the first night’s performance of the Abbott Magic company’s 39th annual Get-Together, celebrating 42 years of leadership as the world’s largest manufacturer of quality magic equipment.

Recil Bordner, owner of Abbott’s, stated this is by far the largest advance registration in the history of the Get-togethers. Many early birds started arriving in town last Sunday to get an advance start in greeting their fellow wand wavers as they converge on Colon for this year’s Bicentennial Spirit of ’76 Magical Homecoming.

Harry Blackstone Jr. will headline an all-star cast of over 30 professional acts to be presented at the Colon high school auditorium at 8:00 p.m. tonight, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Each night brings an entirely different show with the exception of Mr. Blackstone, who will appear each night by public demand. He will also emcee the Special Benefit Matinee on Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m.

Harry Jr. needs no introduction to Colonites, as this village was home to him for many years; he was born in the Three Rivers hospital. Harry Blackstone III will accompany his father, along with the entire family. The Great Blackstone Sr. is buried in Lakeside cemetery, and for many years made Colon his summer quarters for his big lavish magical spectacular with which he toured the United States and Canada annually for decades. There is great affection for the Blackstones here.

Daytime activities are not open to the public, only magicians who have registered for the four-day conclave. The four evening shows and matinee are open to the public, and tickets are available only from the Abbott Magic company in Colon. All seats are reserved for the evening shows but are not reserved for the matinee.

The magicians who have registered will attend daytime lectures, see demonstrations of what’s new in tricks, the ladies will have two afternoon parties; the senior citizens in magic will have their own luncheon, contests will be held for the young magicians; the ventriloquists will meet each morning; the magi-ministers will hold forth; as will Magical Youths International.

Magic will prevail on streets, in cafes, parks … you name it … when two or more magicians get together magic always happens … and that’s how the Magic Get-Together was founded and got its name.

Sixteen years have passed since the death of Percy Abbott, founder of the Abbott Magic Company, and the TOPS magazine which has a world-wide circulation of over 4,000 readers. Recil Bordner was Mr. Abbott’s partner from the beginning and when he retired in 1959 Recil bought him out. Under his leadership the business has flourished and Abbott’s is recognized as the world’s foremost in inventing, in building and promoting the Art of Magic. One can always see Abbott-made magic on the big television shown featuring all phases of trickery. Countless magic acts all over the globe are indebted to Recil Bordner and the late Percy Abbott.”