Robert Cowles, 13, Killed

Tragedy on Long Lake

Colon Express, October 2, 1941: “The duck hunting season opened Wednesday morning and because of it, sadness prevailed in a Battle Creek family. Robert Cowles, 13, was killed instantly at Long Lake when a gun was accidentally discharged. Robert and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cowles, and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Culp, came out to the home of Roy Jenkins at Findley Tuesday evening to spend the night, and the men went duck hunting early yesterday morning on Long Lake. About 3:00 P. M. they landed their boat at the Steinke landing on the southeast shore of the lake. Robert was in the brow of the boat, his father rowing, and his grandfather in the back seat. The boy evidently intended to remove the guns from the boat, and after picking up one gun, reached for the other and as he drew it toward him, it is believed the guns came together in such a manner as to discharge one of these, the discharge striking the boy in the head, killing him almost immediately. The coroner was called and the body was taken to a Sturgis undertaking parlor and later removed to Battle Creek.”