Street Paving Project 1938



From the Colon Express newspaper, August 25, 1938: “The street Black-top paving project which the village council has out is very commendable and when presented to the people for a decision at the special election, Thursday, September 8th, should not receive a dissenting vote. It should be accepted by far more than the necessary two-thirds majority.

Considering the proposition from all angles, the people cannot afford to reject it. The council’s original plan of paving a short stretch with black-top every few years, and eventually covering the entire town, was a perfectly sane and sound method of procedure. However, with the opportunity presented to pave practically every main street in the village, covering a stretch of about two miles, and having a government grant take care of forty-five per cent of the total cost of completing the job, that is a proposition which should be considered favorably.

The total cost of the paving project is estimated at $6,820.00. as a PWA project, the government grant would cover forty-five percent of this amount. With gravel on hand valued at $700.00 and this years gas and weight tax money, amounting to nearly $400.00 the council estimates that a bond issue of $3,000.00 would complete the job. The bond issue would be paid off over a period of six years, in equal installments of $500.00 each year. The interest rate to be no more than 4 per cent. As we see this proposition, why not have this paving done now on this proposition.

Included in the proposed street improvements will be the leveling of the two blocks on the main street, doing away with the old-fashioned deep gutters and refinishing the street nearly on a level. This improvement will be greatly appreciated by everyone, including out-of-town people as well as local citizens.

As mentioned before, the extra bond issue, including the dam propositions, is a very small item for the village to assume.”