The Magic Carpet Bar 1963

      Memories of Colon!


In an interesting note I found in the Abbott Magic TOPS magazine; Karrell Fox made this comment in August of 1963: “When lunch time came Neil (Foster) and Recil (Bordner) took me to Colon’s newest establishment, the MAGIC CARPET BAR. Visitors to next year’s Get-Together will be happy to learn that this new place is a scant half-mile from Colon and is very nice. It’s large, well-decorated (including a little Hindu boy riding on a magic carpet, which was devised and made by Recil, and the food is excellent. Colon regulars will be happy to hear that the entire magicians picture collection which used to cover the walls of the restaurant in downtown Colon, has been moved to the new Magic Carpet Bar, and will be on display for the ’64 Get-Together.”