Wasepi 1880 Business Directory




Akey, Henry, laborer, Mendon road, east of Elevator

Air Line Steam Elevator, W. M Connor, prop; capacity 16,000 bushels of grain, Sturgis road

Banard, Rolland, farmer and notary public, Main st. west of Depot.

Bates, Frank, carpenter; res Main st. west of depot

Connor, Mare W. station agent MC (Air Line division) and G R & I railroads; also agent for American and U. S. Express Cos; res west of station.

Connor, Wm. A. H. telegraph operator G R & I  and M C railroad; bds with father

Dillingham, Jas. Farmer, cor Main st and Sturgis road

Frederick, Samuel H. laborer, cor Main st and Sturgis road

Hopkins, Frank M. propr Wasepi Hotel and asst ticket agent and post master

Johnson, Michael, laborer, res William st, near G R & I

Morton, Chas A. night target tender; res Main st, east of G R & I

Palmer, Chas A. farmer and dealer in drain tile, etc; res in township

Palmer, Cyrus A. blacksmith; shop and res Main st

Palmer, Ellis A. engineer; bds east of station

Palmer, Geo W, propr saw and cider mill; res east of station

Powers, Jerrold R. carpenter, William st, east of G R & I

Shaffer, Miss Thills, teacher; bds Wasepi Hotel

Thornton, W E, canvassing agent; res William st, east of G R & I

Wasepi Hotel, Frank M. Hopkins propr; rates $1 per day.

Weeks, Smith, farmer; res Sturgis st. south of elevator.