Welcome Magicians 1962


Welcome Magicians 1962



From The Colon Express, August 22, 1962: Thirty Great Acts At Magic Get-Together

This is the week that Colon proves to the world and a million lovers of magic that this little village on the shores of Palmer Lake is “The Magic Capital of the World.”

Colon will host 600 magicians from all over the United States and entertain nearly 5000 fans of magic during the Abbott Magic Get-Together this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with tonight (Wednesday) being reserved for a special program for magicians only. This four-day event is crammed with the best acts of magic the entertainment world can provide.

Colon is ready for its illustrious visitors and thousands of guests. The business area is decorated with flags and portraits of its own great artists – Harry Blackstone, considered to be the world’s greatest magician, and of Percy Abbott, founder of the Abbott Mfg. Co., the world’s largest producer of articles in magic. These portraits were painted by Neil Foster, vice-president of the Abbott Mfg. Co. these portraits, along with cards, symbols of magic swing gently in the breeze from their perches aloft poles in the business section.

Several organizations are prepared to serve lunches to the hundreds of daily visitors and our local restaurants will be operating to full capacity during this convention.

Neil Foster is not only good with the paintbrush and pencils but is considered by many as the best manipulator in magic. He will be seen during the first half of the Saturday night program assisted by his wife Jeanne.

Colon can boast of another great entertainer in the person of Monk Watson, who is known the countrywide having performed in hundreds of cities throughout the United States. It’s impossible to see Watson act without getting a laugh. There are times you can laugh to near exhaustion.

These two local artists, Foster and Watson, can put on a show by themselves. But that isn’t all the program at the Abbott Magic Get-Together this year. You’re going to see 30 great acts by the country’s best performers. Perhaps one could pick out Mark Wilson as the main attraction, his “The Magic Land of Allakazam”, seen over television has national acclaim. Wilson will be here in person for the three public shows on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. His act is the only one that runs three nights; otherwise, programs change daily. The shows are held in the Colon High School gym on Dallas Street (M78 north) and as expected each night will see about 1500 people jamming the auditorium.

A stranger to these magic get-togethers will want to visit the Abbot Magic Company, the largest manufacturers of magic articles from coins, flowers, cards, and even people disappearing and reappearing without anyone detecting their whereabouts. Recil Bordner, owner and president of the company is a friendly host and will go out of his way to accommodate your desires.

The man responsible for assembling the talent and acts for this year’s event is Neil Foster who has been working a year for this week’s program.

At the close of the last performance Saturday night, you’ll appreciate the full meaning of Colon being the Magic Capital of the Worlds, as there is no other place which can boast having the world’s leading producer of magic staging the world’s best programs in magic.

If you read the daily programs which follow you’ll find the best artists are here this week.

Welcome, everyone, to Colon!


Thursday Night Program


Three of the nation’s best masters of ceremonies will be on hand to introduce the acts. Thursday night, Clarke, “The Senator” Crandall will do the honors and will present Senor Turino and Faye in their act “Dovetail Deception”, Reggie Lawrence, sensational juggler; Milky the “Magic Clown” favorite of young TV viewers; Jack Bauer and Co, featuring illusions’ Joseph White the midget magician performing his magical pitchman act; Richard DuBois. New York’s society entertainer, Monk Watson, favorite of many past Get-Togethers; and Mark Wilson with his troupe directly from Hollywood.


Friday Night Show


Paul Howard, magic/comedian will M. C., and featured on the bill will be Johnny Platt, direct from a 15-year engagement at Chicago’s LaSalle Hotel, Gay 90’s Bar, Mysterious “M” and Anndot, masked magician presenting a colorful act with flowers; Ron Fable, escape artist; Jack Gwynne with his royal family of magic performing mysteries from the Orient; Reneaux, suave international manipulator, King and Zerita, Master mentalists; Mark Wilson and Company; To Palmer and Vampira, hilarious comedians in a magic act different from anything seen before.


Saturday Night Show


Jay Marshall, star of television, will be the master of ceremonies, and will introduce Karell Fox, the “King of Korn”; Lynn Voss, dance stylist; Neil Foster and Jeanne, one of the nations top manipulators; Monk Watson and his “Magic Land of Allakazam”; McDonald Birch and Company, the largest magic show on tour in the United States today, featuring the vanishing pony, will present the last half of the Saturday night show. The Birch show carries ten tons of stage equipment and scenery.