1900 Colon Business Directory

1900 Business Directory for Colon



1900 Listing of Businesses in Colon, from the Community Historical Society Museum, donated by Don King to the Colon Express: “At that time the population was 600.


Agricultural Implements              F. B. Buys

Agricultural Implements              C. A. Goodwin

Attorney                                    D. L. Akey

Baked Goods                             Fred L. Adams

Bakery                                       O. Hartman

Bank                                          Exchange Bank, Edwin R. Hill, Pres.

Barber                                       C. Anderson

Barber                                       A. V. Goodell

Bicycles and Sundries               Wolfinger

Bike Sulkies and Track Carts       Anderson Brothers

Blacksmith                                 Anderson Brothers

Blacksmith                                 G. B. Lytle

Blacksmith                                 Frank Selby

Blacksmith                                 A. E. Wilder

Builder’s Supplies                               W. B. Tomlinson

Butter Maker                              J. L. Bosworth

Butter and Milk                          John H. Mowry

Carpets, etc.                                         H. M. Roush

Concrete Blocks                         M. D. Lyon

China, Hand Painted                  A. J. Born

China, Hand Painted                  Niendorf & Mosher

Cigars                                         W. U. Chaffee

Cigars and tobacco                              Fred L. Adams

Cigars and tobacco                              Dickenson & McMillen

Cigars and tobacco                              A. V. Godell

Cigars and tobacco                              O. Hartman

Cigars and tobacco                              Niendorf & Mosher

Cigars and tobacco                              Chas. H. McKinster

Coal                                            Chas. H. McKinster

Contractor                                  M. D. Lyon

Clocks and Watches                   D. W. Chase

Clothing                                     The Hub Clothing Store

Dentist                                        Chas. H. McKinster

Dentist                                        A. B. Whale

Druggist                                     Chas. Clement

Druggist                                     A. E. Jackson

Druggist                                     B. M. Roush

Druggist                                     L. P. Teel

Dry Goods                                  Mrs. J. B. Sherwood

Flour, Feed and Grain                C. A. Lamberson & Co.

Funeral Director                         J. Elliott Mosher

Furniture                                    S. B. Wiles

Furnaces                                     M. C. Corsette

Groceries and Provisions                     Fred Adams

Groceries and Provisions                     Doclomspm & McMillen

Groceries and Provisions                     O. Hartman

Groceries and Provisions                     Chas. H. McKinster

Groceries and Provisions                     Niendorf & Mosher

Groceries and Provisions                     B. M. Roush

Groceries and Provisions                     F. E. Warren

Hack & Busline                          Brast & Frederick

Harness                                      H. A. Bell

Hotel                                          St. Joe House (C. B. Rogers & Son)

Insurance                                    John W. Lovett

Insurance                                    Orrin C. Shane

Jewler                                         A, J. Born

Justice of Peace                          Orrin Shane

Lamb Knit Goods Co.                Lamb Knit Goods Co.

Laundry                                     Colon Steam Laundry

Livery Stable                              C. L. Stackhouse

Meat Market                               L. D. Frary

Meat Market                               Shuck & Strunk
Milk and Butter                          The Colon Creamery

Millinery                                     Mrs. Bubb & Co.

Millinery                                     Mrs. L. M. Pifer

Millinery                                     Mrs. J. B. Sherwood

Newspaper                                 Colon Express Wm. S. Doty

Photographic Studio                  T. W. Geris

Physicians and Surgeons                     W. E. Doran

Physicians and Surgeons                     E. L. Godfrey

Physicians and Surgeons                     P. L. Hartman

Physicians and Surgeons                     C. L. Stackhouse

Plumbing and Heating                M. C. Corsette

Poultry and Veal                        I. W. Teller

Real Estate and Loans                John W. Lovett

Real Estate and Loans                Shanes’s Real Estate

Tailor                                                   A. Bonner

Wines and Liquors                               Moore & Ware

Wines and Liquors                               H. F. Palmer & Co.