Abbott Magic Fire 1938, Percy Abbott

Abbott Magic Company Fire


From the TOPS Magazine, January 1953, by Percy Abbott “WITH THE EDITOR”: “No doubt by this time many of our friends and Magicians have learned of the happening at our plant here – the fire which destroyed our metal shop on November 15th.

Those of you tat have visited us here in Colon know that our buildings are separated, the metal shop being approximately 300 feet from the main building. At 4:00 a. m. on the date mentioned a fire broke out and, although the local and out-of-town fire brigades worked to save it, the building was completely demolished. The building housed all our lathes, milling machines, and equipment, partly completed stock, supplies of metal, etc. – in fact, it was a complete loss. Fortunately the fire brigades were able to save the nearby buildings and, best of all, no one was hurt.



I was out of town at the time and a long distance call at 5 o’clock in the morning cut my out-of-town visit short. When I got back here nothing could be done.

But these things happen, and within a week we had started reorganizing the metal shop in part of the wood shop. Of course it will take some time before the machinery and supplies are replaced but to date there has been very little delay on orders received. We fortunately carry large stocks and we also have our branch stores to help us out.