Abbott’s to Close?

Abbott’s To Close?

Taken from The Colon Express newspaper, July 23, 1942: “NO TRUTH IN RUMOR ABBOTT’S WILL CLOSE

It has come to our notice that a rumor is being spread around that the Abbott Magic Novelty Company intends closing within the next few months. In justice to our faithful employees, we brand this and any similar rumors as malicious gossip, and feeling that we should nit it in the bud, we say emphatically that nothing could be further from the truth – that we have no intention of closing our plant.

It is true that there is a dearth of materials for the manufacture of some of our products, but so far we have not in any manner halted our operations, as we have taken advantage of materials still available to us by devising an additional line of effects from such products. The plant is busy even through this summer season, which normally, in our business, is a so-called of-season.

(signed) Percy Abbott, Manager


This was, of course, the war years, and that meant rationing and restriction on various supplies. Here is a quote from Rick Fisher’s book, “Percy Abbott Magical Years”: “Supplies were few and far between. Rubber, wire, plastics and gasoline were needed for the war effort and Percy wondered how he could manufacture without these necessities. He applied for a special permit with the U. S. Government to provide the troops with anti-gambling books and props for entertainment and was awarded ‘special status’ that allowed him to purchase raw materials for production.”