Blackstone in Lansing

    In Lansing Theaters



From The Lansing State Journal, January 14, 1944: “BLACKSTONE OPENS RUN HERE SUNDAY;  An amazing journey into the land of adventure and fantasy is offered by Blackstone, the magician, who comes to the Michigan Theater Sunday for a week’s engagement.

Blackstone is called the greatest magician of all times, and with a company of 30 necromancers presents a unit show of thrills, surprises, and laughs.

A 70 foot baggage car is required to carry the stage property and effects used in the Blackstone act. Gorgeously dressed girls against background of silks and satins add to the beauty of the act, and each girl has a distinct duty in the presentation as a whole. A group of young men also assists in the succession of fanciful surprises, inspiring illusions, excitement and fun.

Like most people who are unusually successful in their profession, Blackstone has a winning personality. One critic, conceding his marvelous skill and quick fingers and palms, recently stated the magician’s personality gets more results than his surprising accomplishments.  His performances are conducted like a big party, and his audiences cheerfully help with many of the tricks.”