Blackstone visits Colon 1951

Blackstone Visits Many Colon Friends


From the Colon Express newspaper, August 16, 1951: “Harry Blackstone, the famous magician, with Mrs. Blackstone and Harry Blackstone Jr., spent Tuesday visiting Colon friends. The Blackstones, who now live in Hollywood, California had been taking a short vacation in Chicago and drove down for the day.

During the past year, since Blackstone moved from Colon, his show has been busily engaged in playing theatres in the western states and Canada. Late in July the show entertained at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, where Bill Watson is stationed. Blackstone will be the featured attraction at the California State Fair in Pomona, which opens on September 14th. He then expects to travel east by way of New Orleans and may show in this territory sometime next winter.

It is interesting to note that the Blackstone show now travels by air in two C-54 planes, one of which carries the 7 tons of baggage, the company of 28 people traveling in the other.

Blackstone expressed pleasure on seeing the newly painted storefronts and other improvements in Colon. He and Mayor Watson spent some time together discussing civic affairs and Blackstone stated that of all the cities and towns he has visited, Colon continues to be the town he’d like to live in, if his business and health permitted.”