Blackstone’s Birthday 1941

Friends Surprise Blackstone on Birthday



From The Colon Express newspaper, October 2, 1941: “It requires unusual magic to deceive Blackstone, the famous magician, but he was caught unawares last Saturday evening when a group of friends from Colon and out-of-town prepared a surprise party in honor of his birthday. Although the party was held at his home on Blackstone Island, plans were secret and Blackstone was taken completely by surprise.

A birthday dinner was prepared under the direction of Eddie Wychoff, aide’-de-camp of the Blackstone show, and included a birthday cake decorated with images of Doc Bill, Blackstone’s vanishing horse; Jerry, the vanishing canary; and other of the magician’s renowned illusions. A shower of gifts was tendered Blackstone as he entered the room.

Colon residents who attended the party included Gen Grant, Howard Melson and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Murray. Out-of-town guests were Dr. and Mrs. M.F. Parrish, Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Murray and daughter Kathryn, of Sturgis; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Doremus of Corning, N.Y., Capt. Robert Hertzberg of Washington, D. C.; and Mr. and Mrs. Lon Harris of Chicago.

Congratulatory telegrams were read from “Monk” Watson (“To the world’s greatest magician from the world’s worst”) who is performing in Texas and from Harry Blackstone, Jr., who is attending school in New York.”