Business Creation and Development

Business services

Business services are a broad category, encompassing a variety of different industries and niches. They can include anything from providing administrative services to arranging travel for employees. They can also include building maintenance and office facilities management. Other services provided by business services businesses include leasing and sales of commercial real estate. Some businesses also provide security and background investigations. Some companies even operate in-office daycares for employees. This helps employees maintain a work-life balance.

Business services can also be published. Publishable business services are Java classes that contain one or more methods that call other business services. When business services are published, they can be exposed as web services. A published business service must include an input parameter and an output parameter. In addition, the published business service should support multiple methods.

Business services also help companies improve their customer service levels. By leveraging the expertise and equipment of an external service provider, companies can reduce costs and focus on achieving their goals. For example, an IT service company may provide anti-virus protection or software updates. A business services provider can also provide other important business services that companies need, such as marketing, production, safety, or convenience.

To use a published business service, the first step is to create the business service object. This can be done through the context menu of the workspace. Once the business service is created, a JDeveloper project is automatically created for that business service.