Careers in Technology

Technology is a broad term that refers to the tools and machines we use to solve real-world problems. It may include anything from a simple hammer to complex machinery like a particle accelerator or space station. It also includes non-material forms of technology such as computer software and business methods.

The study of technology has a long history, with the development of farming techniques leading to food production and human civilization; bows and arrows to guns and bombs changing how war is waged; and printing and the internet altering how we read, write, compute, bank, operate businesses, conduct research, communicate and interact with one another. These technological changes have strongly influenced the course of history and how people live in the world today.

While there are many positive ways that technology has changed the lives of people, some technologies can have negative side effects as well. This is especially true of large industrial technologies such as nuclear power plants and agriculture, but it can also apply to the everyday use of devices like refrigerators that cause a tiny amount of CO2 to be released into the atmosphere each time they are turned on.

As a result of the widespread use of technology, there are many opportunities for career advancement in the field. This is especially true in fields such as information technology (IT) where roles like data scientists, cybersecurity experts and software developers are in high demand. Additionally, fields such as medicine, space, robotics, artificial intelligence, automobile technology and education are seeing new advancements in technology that create additional job opportunities.